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General terms & conditions

1. Booking

With sending the booking form you are making an offer to enter into a contract with the Irish Youth Foundation. You may use our electronic form, or email it to us. By sending you the booking confirmation we are accepting your offer and therefore there is a binding contract between us.

2. Payment

With acceptance we send you a written confirmation including the first invoice covering the deposit (€500).

We call our quotes "Fair Prices" because they represent the effort we put into organizing your cycling holiday.
The €500 deposit must be paid by 1st of May 2022. This deposit is non refundable. The full balance must be paid by 1st of Aug. Failure to do so may result in an increase in total cost or cancellation of your trip. 

3. Cancellation

a) The deposit of €500 is non refundable. If you decide to cancel your trip within 60 - 30 days of your tour 'start' date, we will refund you 50% of any fees paid to the Irish Youth Foundation (other than your deposit).  If you cancel within 30 days of your tour 'start' date, you will will lose the full amount paid to the Irish Youth Foundation.

b) If you cancel but you find a suitable person as a replacement, and they pay the full amount of the holiday we make only an administration charge of (€100). By 'suitable' we mean someone of the same gender and with the same accommodation requirements.

c) If you leave the Irish Youth Foundation Milan to Rome 2022 charity cycle once it has started you will be not be entitled to a refund of any amount.

d) We require a minimum of 40 riders to run the tour. In the unlikely event of a tour being cancelled by the Irish Youth Foundation, we will refund you the full amount (deposit not included).

e) The Irish Youth Foundation reserves the right not to accept nor allow to continue as a participant, any person whose physical condition, health or actions impede the operation of a tour or affect the welfare, rights or enjoyment of other participants. In the unlikely event that such a person is required to leave a tour it will be treated as leaving a tour early and no refund of any amount will be given

4. Health requirements

We describe this charity cycle as an 'active' tour. We cycle between 80km and 150km a day. You are responsible for being suitably fit and healthy. Nevertheless we ask you to inform us in advance of any physical conditions or disabilities that could endanger you or other participants.

5. Insurance

We advise you to take out comprehensive health, bicycle and travel insurance, including sufficient coverage for repatriation and additional hospital and medical expenses. Thus we strongly recommend that you review your health and personal insurance to meet the needs of you and your family in case of any loss of property, accident or injury during the trip. The Irish Youth Foundation or Braking Away Cycling Tours Ltd are not liable for any fatalities, injuries, accidents, loss of belongings or damage to bicycles while on the tour or in transit. 

6. Itinerary

The extent of our services is described in every online tour description, which you can also print out. The itinerary may be altered at any time by Braking Away Cycling Tours as local conditions demand (e.g. weather, changed opening hours, changed ferry schedules). We shall inform you in advance in such an event.
Furthermore we shall not be liable for any drawbacks as the result of unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control such as strikes, war, civil or political unrest, border closure, quarantine restrictions, government actions or what is usually known as 'force majeure'.

7. Cycle hire

The equipment supplied, including all accessories, is provided on a hire basis. The hirer undertakes not to misuse the equipment and to return it with all accessories. The hirer agrees to use the lock provided and to lock the bicycle to an immoveable object every time the hirer is not with the bicycle. Our guides will help you to keep the equipment in a safe place.


8) Accommodation

All prices shown are for accommodation sharing with one other rider. (Twin room). If you require single occupancy, there will be an extra cost. We will do our best to accommodate riders who wish to have single occupancy but it is not always available.


9) Travel to and from tour

The Milan to Rome tour starts in Milan on the morning of the 25th September 2022 and ends in Rome on the 30th September 2022. It is entirely up to the participant to make his/her own travel arrangements to the start line and his/her return journey from the finish line. The Irish Youth Foundation/Braking Away Irish Cycle Tours accept no responsibility for any travel disruption or delays that may result in the participant unable to take part in the tour.

10) Final clause

If any one of these terms and conditions should be or become ineffective it shall not affect the validity of the other terms and conditions nor the contract as a whole.

Irish Youth Foundation/Braking Away Cycling Tours Ltd;14 December 2022.

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